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Globalization has resulted to changes in the manner in which businesses are run. The managers need to employ value added strategies in order to ensure that their organizations remain at a competitive advantage. The human resource managers are among the managers who are faced with many challenges since they are required to hire the most competent personnel otherwise hiring incompetent employee is too expensive for a firm and time wasting.

In order to guarantee that the staffing plan achieves its objective as a source of competitive advantage for the firm, the human resource managers need to change the management strategies and avoid the traditional way of human resources and adopt a strategic human resource management policy. The human resource managers need to develop a well-defined human resource management plan that will ensure that the work force is managed effectively (Bechet online).

Proper management of the workforce ensures that the human resources managers hire the employees employing the already established staffing plan. The staffing managers need to make certain that there well structured strategies that connect the staffing plan and the ability management to the business objectives. To ensure that the staffing strategy is meets it intended functions, the hiring plan need to have human resource management strategy in the human resources management plan. The incorporation of human resource management strategy in the business plan makes certain that firm dedicate it self in employing the correct workforce and thereby has a productive workforce as its key strength (Bechet, 2008).

The hiring plan must also display features that guarantee the employed workers career will grow. It must have features that make it certain that the hired employees will advance their career through features such as training, promotions and pay increments. The staffing plan must make sure that the staffing plan engages the worker optimally so that the newly employed worker can be committed and become very committed to the firm. It should not be identical to the traditional work engagement. The staffing plan need to be tailor made employing innovative feature that are compatible with the present global hiring plans. The firm needs to partner with training institutions, educational institutions and any global diverse hiring firms, which makes certain that it hire the best candidates from the available job seekers.

The staffing plan needs to employ the already employed workers who understand the firm’s or the department well. It is the already existing workers who know the key areas of competency required in the firm and can help the human resource managers to select the best candidate. Referral programs coupled with peer interviews are key facets in a staffing plan. The staffing plan should also employ the internet, which offers various management strategies that can be used to effectively ensure the best hiring plan is employed. The staffing plan should offer the human resource managers sufficient resources so that they use these resources to take the firm to a higher level.

In respect to the staff hiring process, our functional area of management is marketing of a new soft drink that is expected to be launched next month. The human resource manage in our firm is expected to hire a team of 120 marketing team who will market the product within our county. Though there is already a ready market, the marketing team is expected to face an uphill task of ensuring that our product, Energy fuel mix, wins a substantial market share. The industry analysis reveals that there is a fierce competition from the already established brands such as Coca- Cola ad Pepsi among man others. The marketing team is expected to employ all the global marketing strategies lure customers to be consuming this product. A number of the marketing team is expected to carry out E-Marketing and remain online most of the time in order to respond to the client inquiries.

The firm is also expected to train the marketing team about the product and stress to population that the newly launched product is a balanced diet product, which is not likely to cause any health concerns. This strength of the product is likely to influence many buyers to be using the product now that most of the US population is concerned about the cases of obesity that are being catalyzed by unhealthy lifestyle. Though I expect the product to follow the normal product life cycle, I expect that the firm will be a force to reckon with in the industry since it will be improved continuously.

Hiring the appropriate candidates for a certain position is fundamental requirement since it guarantees employ productivity and a positive relationship between the employer and the employees and other workers at large. Once the appropriate employee is hired, the morale of the employee increases and the employee is ready to tackle any challenging task. The hiring strategy that I along with my hiring team will employ is through job interviews after advertising the job vacancies. It is crucial for me to have a job description, which acts as my guideline. The job description describes the responsibilities, required minimum qualifications, duties and the working environment of a specific job. It is essential to have a hiring planning convention. The attendants of the meeting include all the employees who will take part in the hiring process. It is this meeting where the hiring team plans its process and gives responsibilities to the respective members (Bechet 2008).

It is imperative to refer to the existing records for the previous recruiting process and thereby evaluate any strength or weakness, which needs to be addressed. It is important to develop a pool of the best candidates from which the most competent candidate will be selected. It is also imperative to go through applications and the resumes cautiously. Since the employing officers already know the key competencies in a chronological order, the hiring officers will be able to select best candidates for a specific job. Now that the firm is hiring marketing team, the recruiting strategy requires candidates with experience in sales and marketing for a period of not less that three years while the candidate should not be beyond 35 years of age.

During the hiring, one strategy that I will employ is asking the most important question to a candidate so that to eliminate the least competent candidate in a prescreening interview. This saves us time and energy since one is able to eliminate candidates easily. The strategy also involves asking the correct questions at the correct time during the interview. To complete the hiring strategy, the hiring team will have to confirm the education background, the referees, the job experience and the check for any criminal record. It is also imperative to confirm the identification and the work permit if the new workers are expatriates (Bogardus, 2004).

To ensure that the hiring strategy is legally acceptable, I shall have to follow the already existing legal framework. The firm ensures that 25% of the vacant positions are filled with the people from the minority groups such as the disabled and African Americans groups among others. To guarantee that the company follows the already laid laws, the firm’s legal counsel is expected to update the human resources managers about any change in laws that affect the human resources and any other department in our firm.

Hiring process is an important process that needs to be carried out with great caution to achieve the desired results. A shoddy hiring strategy results to wastage of resources and may cost the job of the hiring team. While employing a vast number of new employees, it is important to re-employ workers who may have been retrenched in the firm while ensuring that there interviewing process is free from any biasness. A well executed staffing plan is a great investment for a firm.


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